Dalfazer wasserfall

(Dalfazerbach wasserfall)

The Dalfazer wasserfall is a really nice and impressive waterfall near Buchau/Achensee in the region Tirol/Austria. From Maurach follow road 181 to the Achensee until Buchau. When taking the turn to the houses of Buchau a sign point to the right, but I kept left following the road until it ends. From here the walk is 15 minutes shorter. From the official parking lot a trail leads to a platform with a great view on the Dalfazer wasserfall. The trail leads through a forrest and is easy. The walk takes about 30-45 minutes.

The Dalfazer wasserfall is situated more than 300 meters above the Achensee at the Rofan (mountain) where on the trail you have a beautiful view on the mountain Karwendel, which rises directly behind the turquoise Achensee.

Best time to visit the Dalfazer wasserfall is in the spring. A lot of water melts from the mountains and feeds the Dalfazerbach. The Dalfazer wasserfall drops down vertically over 61 meters (measured). In front of the Dalfazer wasserfall an observation deck was built by the local tourist office at the foot of Dalfazer waterfall. Here you can enjoy the Dalfazer wasserfall in a sun bed set up for the ultimate relaxation.

The Dalfazer wasserfall faslls toards the south. Best time to visit the Dalfazer wasserfall is from midday when the sun shines on the waterfall and you can enjoy the sun.

Right from the waterfall there is a fixed rope that leads directly  to the water. 80% of the sidewalks are very demanding climb not suitable for children and only for experienced climbers.

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About Dalfazer wasserfall

CountryWaterfalls in Austria
RiverDalfazer bach
Best visitLate spring-Early summer

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