The Dettefoss is a hidden waterfall near the Hardangerfjorden, north of Odda in teh region Hordaland (Norway) at the west side of the Hardangerfjorden. The Dettefoss lies upstream the river Kvitnoelva in the Kvitnadalen. According to the map there is a path at the right side of the river leading to the Dettefoss.

There is one vertical fall of 85 meters and keep cascading down over 400 meters. I read something about a power plant in the river Kvitna, so the flow of the water can be reduced.

From the “Norwegian museum of Hydropower” at Tyssedal you have a good view on the Dettefoss, although it is from a far distance. Driving north over road 13 gives a few other good viewpoints where you see the Dettefoss closer by.

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About Dettefoss

Best visitEarly summer-summer

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