(Dichtenbach wasserfall)

The Dichtenfall is a nice and unknown waterfall near Felbertauern (Matrei in Osttirol) in the region Tirol/Austria. In Felbertauern park the car at the Matreier Tauernhaus. From here you can walk/bike into a beautiful valley with several waterfalls.

The first waterfall on the right is a twinfall where two rivers join each other: Dichtenbachfall and Tauernbachfall. We were there in may years ago which was maybe to early. Later on in may or june should be the wright time to visit the valley. From the parking lot is a 5-10 minute walk to the waterfall.

The total height of the Dichtenbachfall is appr. 100 meters, but the Dichtenbachfall is not in total visible. Higher on the river Dichtenbach is still cascading.

When you take pictures you will photograph towards the northeast, best time to visit the Dichtenbachfall is from midday.

Unfortunately further on the Keespollachseefall or Schleierfall was almost dry while that should be a nice flowing waterfall.

Nevertheless we enjoyed the walk into the valley.

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About Dichtenbachfall

CountryWaterfalls in Austria
LocationGschlöss-Matrei (tauernhaus)-Felbertauernstrasse
Best visitMai-July

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