Löbbenbach wasserfall


The Löbbenbach wasserfall (Löbbenbachfall) is a nice waterfall located Southwest of Felbertauern, between Mittersill and Matrei in Osttirol in the region Salzburg, Austria. When driving on road 108 Felbertauern is located at the southside of the Felbertauerntunnel.

In the village Felbertauern drive south on the road parallel on road 108. After appr 800 meters there is a unpaved road to the right crossing the river, only accessible by foot. Park the car here. From here it is 700 meters to the Löbbenbach wasserfall (Löbbenbachfall).

The Löbbenbach wasserfall (Löbbenbachfall) is appr 50 meters high and is part of the river Löbbenbach. The Löbbenbach wasserfall (Löbbenbachfall) is fed by water from the Löbbensee at an altitude of 2100 meters. At the westside of the river Löbbenbach a trail leads to the Löbbensee, a small lake with beautiful colors. Further up there is another lake Wildensee.

The Löbbenbach wasserfall (Löbbenbachfall) falls towards the northeast. Best time to visit the Löbbenbach wasserfall (Löbbenbachfall) is in the morning. Because the river Löbbenbach is mainly fed by melting water from a few small glaciers in the mountains and melted snow the best season to visit the Löbbenbach wasserfall (Löbbenbachfall) is the first part of the summer.

Near the Matreier Tauernhaus there is a nice trail heading to the Innergeschlöss/Venedigerhaus with some nice waterfalls.

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