Drivandefossen (sometimes I also see the name Krekafossen) is a fantastic waterfall in the Morkridsdalen, near Skjolden, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway.

I am still not sure if Krekafossen is the waterfall as Drivandefossen. Both names are used for the same waterfall but it is more likely that Krekafossen is a smaller waterfall downstream of Drivandefossen.

Drivandefossen is close to Skjolden but there are no signs to the waterfall. That surprises me because Drivandefossen is mentioned a lot as one of the highlights when visiting Skjolden and Lustrafjorden area.

DrivandefossenIn Skjolden follow the signs for Morkrid/Bollstad. Follow the road along the river for 6 kilometer. You already can see Drivandefossen at the left side, behind the river. Cross the bridge and follow the road for a few hundred meter until there is a small road to the left and a wooden sign Asetevatnet. Soon the road changes and becomes a dust road. After a few hundred meter you can go left again at a sign Asetevatnet. Now you have reached the parking.

To my surprise there where a lot of cars at the parking. Probably the hike to Asetevatnet is a popular destination. During my hike to Drivandefossen I saw nobody.

DrivandefossenAt the trailhead there is a big information board the protected area you are in, Morkridsdalen, Breheimen national park. Still no information about the walk to Drivandefossen. No worry, this is the right track. Behind the information board you see a path going up.

The path is steep in the beginning and the path is well maintained. The walk is pleasant and you walk over the mountain through a forrest. The last part of the walk gets steep again but I know I have almost reached Drivandefossen. I can hear water falling and the closer I get I also a curtain of mist. a good sign, this means there is a lot of water in Drivandefossen.

After 17 minutes I have a good view on Drivandefossen from the forrest. The closer I get the more enthusiastic I am. It is good day for visiting this gorgeous waterfall. Unfortunately this time no rainbow. It is late in the afternoon and for a rainbow you have to visit Drivandefossen (probably) at the end of the morning.

DrivandefossenI visited Drivandefossen twice, last time July 2017 in the afternoon. Sun was already behind the mountains and there was curtain of splashing water. Always difficult to get good sharp pictures.

I tried to walk up at the side of the waterfall but the view is totally different. Nevertheless this was one of the highlights of two weeks chasing waterfall in Norway July 2017.

Drivandefossen is a 48 meter single drop waterfall. Most of the time I forget to measure the hight of waterfalls but this time I thought of it. I measured the waterfall with a Nikon laser height meter. If you count in the cascades upstream and downstream of the river Åsetelvi the total height should be 650 meter. A significant height and one of the higher waterfalls of Norway.

When walking further upstream you will see another waterfall on the left side, I think the Gurosetfossen. The trail goes up to Asetvatnet at an altitude of 838 meter, an elevation of appr. 700 meter! More information about the hike or to download the gpx file, go here.

Best time to visit Drivandefossen is at the end of the morning, early summer or midsummer. When you are lucky you will see a beautiful rainbow in front of Drivandefossen.

There is another scenic waterfall further into Morkridsdalen called Bolifossen. You have to drive back to the river and go left further into the valley. When the road ends it is still an 1-1,5 hour walk before you reach Bolifossen. There are biking or fishing tours that can be made organised.

There are a lot of great waterfalls in the Lustrafjorden area. Feigefossen with a height of 275 meter is probably the most famous one and is located 16 kilometer south of Skjolden at the east side of the Lustrafjorden.
Another great waterfall is Brekkefossen that already can be seen from camping Nymoen in Skjolden on the other side of the Eidsvatnet.

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