Feigefossen or Feigumfossen is one of the biggest waterfalls in the area of Lustrafjord and is located south of Skjolden (along road 331) on the east side of the Lustrafjorden in the region Sogn og Fjordane, Norway.

FeigefossenFrom Skjolden it is a 16 kilometer drive before you reach the parking of Feigefossen.  This is an official parking by the fjord-side of the road. A board gives more general information about Feigefossen. At the other side of the road you can find a toilet.

The trail starts by the road, but you first have to walk up the road before you see the river and the trailhead. Follow the marked trail to a viewpoint below the waterfall. The trail is somewhat rocky near the end, but is well marked and easy to walk. On the way you will see Feigefossen several times from a distance. The walk along the river takes approximately 20-25 minutes, from the roadside to the viewpoint, with an elevation of 150 meter. More information about the hike or to download the gpx file, go here.

FeigefossenAfter some refreshments and enjoying the view on Feigefossen, you can walk further (down) to the base of Feigefossen. The trail keeps easy and in 5-10 minutes you will reach the next viewpoint at the base of the waterfall.

With a 218 meter free fall Feigefossen is one the highest single drop waterfalls in Norway and one of the most impressive waterfall of Norway. The waterfall is fed by melting water from the mountain range Hurrungane. Just above the Feigefossen, upstream, there is a small glacier and a larger lake Feigedalsvatnet. When viewing Feigefossen from the other side of the fjord, just before Nes, you will notice another waterfall above Feigefossen. This waterfall is called Hanafossen and is about 60 meter high.

It is possible to hike into the Feigedalen, but the trailhead lies north of the parking and is quit demanding. There is no parking but you see a dust road going up (gps 61.396079, 7.444296) where it is possible to park 1 car.

FeigefossenI visited Feigefossen twice and July 2017 was the last time I was at the waterfall. Both times the weather was very good and sunny. Although temperatures were around 15C, this is a good temperature for hikes. Feigefossen is still one of my favorite waterfalls in Norway because it is easy to reach, it is high and quit powerful.

Best time to visit Feigefossen is from noon when the sun is over the mountain range and you have sunlight from behind. Early summer until midsummer is the best period to visit Feigefossen when there is a lot of snow melting. In that periode Feigefossen has quit a respectable volume.

There are many nice waterfalls you can visit in the Lustrafjord area and Skjolden is good base to start. One of my favorite camping places is Nymoen camping with a beautiful view on the Eidsvatnet (lake) and Brekkefossen. Late in the evening (with good weather) you will have an astonishing light shining on Brekkefossen and Liingafossen, the perfect view for me

I already mentioned Brekkefossen (also called Fureasfossen) as one of the nicer waterfalls in the area but Drivandefossen is also a visit worthwhile. From Skjolden it is a short drive into the Morkrisdalen. You already can see Drivandefossen from the roadside but you have to follow the signs to Asevatnet (dirt road at the end) before you reach the parking. Drivandefossen is a real beauty with often a rainbow in front.
Morkrisdalen is popular for hiking and upstream of the river Morkridselvi you will find a few other small (but nice) waterfalls in the river like Bolifossen.

Mordolefossen is another big waterfall but only can be viewed from the west side of the Lustrafjord.

For daytrips you can take the beautiful mountain road Tindevegen, between Øvre Årdal and Turtagrø (toll road). It has great views of magnificent scenery and you see the impressive peaks of the Jotunheimen mountains. Also you will drive by a view (unnamed and named) waterfalls.In Ovre Ardal you can visit 4 huge waterfalls in the Utladalen.

More information about activities around Skjolden can be found here.

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About Feigefossen

RegionSogn og Fjordane
Best visitSummer

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Ryfossen 20 km
Havardsfossen 22 km
Gurosetfossen 22 km