Durrensee wasserfall

(Arztaler wasserfall)

Durrensee wasserfall or Arztaler wasserfall is a remarkable waterfall at the end of the Arztal at Ellbögen/Innsbruck in the region Tirol/Austria.

Melted water from the Durrenseespitze and Kreuzpitze flows in the Durrensee and an unnamed river. These are two seperate streams next to each other and one of them is the Durrensee wasserfall or Arztaler wasserfall.

The waterfall is appr. 60 meters heigh and nice to see but not easy to reach. The Durrensee/Arztaler wasserfall is situated at the end of the Arztal and can be reached from the Arztaler Hutte. A trail leads to the top of the waterfall and takes a 3 hour hike.

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About Durrensee wasserfall

CountryWaterfalls in Austria
Best visitEarly summer-summer

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