(Edlandsfossen, Aedansfossen)

Edlandsfossen (or Edansfossen) is a gorgeous waterfall north of Valle along road 45. Edansfossen isn’t particularly a very big waterfall but is certainly very scenic. Water of the Lisle Bjørnevatn thunders down over 35 meters. Edansfossen is quit wide and forms a twin fall.

The waterfall is located along road 45 twelve kilometers north of Flateland/Valle. There is a parking in front of the Edansfossen from where you have a good view on the waterfall. If you can cross the river there is a path at the right side of the Edansfossen going to the top of the waterfall. Looks very nice, but we didn’t had a clue how to cross the river. It wasn’t very deep so it should be possible with boots or over the rocks.

In the early summer the Edlandsfossen (Edansfossen) can be very powerful when a lot of melting water thunders down from the Lisle Bjørnevatn. The average flow is appr 1.560 l/sec. Unfortunately in 2015 a permit is given to built a small power plant which will reduce the flow of the Edlandsfossen (Edansfossen) enormously.

A few kilometers back driving to Flateland you will find the huge Gloppefossen, the biggest waterfall in the region.

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About Edansfossen

CountryWaterfalls in Norway
RegionAust Agder
RiverLisle Bjørnevatn
Best visitEarly summer

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