Edelbacher wasserfall

The Edelbacher wasserfall is a beautiful waterfall near the town Elmen (not for from the German border) in Tirol/Austria. From the road (b198), in the town Elmen, you already can see the Edelbacher wasserfall.

From Elmen the Edelbacher wasserfall is easy to reach. There is a big parking lot east of Elmen just in front of the Edelbacher wasserfall. It is also possible to make a roundtrip at the Edelbacher wasserfall which leads to a bridge on top of the Edelbacher wasserfall. The trail is open from may to oktober.

Best time to visit the Edelbacher wasserfall is from midday, maybe even better in the afternoon in the late spring/early summer. Here you can see the Edelbacher wasserfall in the late spring, when it is much more powerful.
When you take pictures you will photograph towards the east.

The Edelbacher wasserfall is appr. 40-60 meters heigh and the origin of the river Edelbach lies at the Stablsee (lake) at an altitude of 2035 meters.

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About Edelbacher wasserfall

CountryWaterfalls in Austria
Best visitLate spring-early summer

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