Edelfrauengrab wasserfälle

The Edelfrauengrab wasserfälle are a series of small cascades located near Ottenhöfen im Schwarzwald (Seebach) in the Schwarzwald, Baden-Württemburg, Germany.

Most of the cascades are quite small but there is one section with two drops after each other with a total height of approximately 8 meter. 

The Edelfrauengrab wasserfälle are easy to reach and nice to visit when in the Schwarzwald. From Seebach drive to Ottenhöfen im Schwarzwald. There is a small parking at the trailhead (gps 48.558622, 8.169456).

From the parking it is a 5 minute walk until you reach the first small waterfall. Just follow the path/stairs until a little further you see a double drop which is commonly called the Edelfrauengrab wasserfall.

It is a nice walk following the river Gottschlägbach and certainly worthwhile if you enjoy walking through a gorgeous scenery. The waterfalls are nice but not that impressive. 

Nearby you can visit the more famous Allerheiligen wasserfall, a sort of a “look a like” but more impressive.


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About Edelfrauengrab wasserfälle

LocationOttenhöfen im Schwarzwald (Seebach), Offenburg
Best visitSpring, after rainfall

Most nearby waterfalls

WaterfallDistance (linear)Rating
Allerheiligen wasserfälle 4 km
Gertelbach wasserfälle 12 km
Geroldsauer wasserfall 19 km
Sankenbach Wasserfall 20 km
Burgbach Wasserfall 24 km