Sankenbach Wasserfall

The Sankenbach wasserfall is a nice waterfall near Baiersbronn in the Schwazwald/Baden-Württemburg, Germany.

From Baiersbronn (road 462) follow the river Sankenbach onto the Sankerbachsee. I am not sure how far you drive by car. At the end of the Sankenbachsee there is a path to the Sankenbachkessel where the Sankenbach wasserfall drops down over the edge and ends 20 meter below. Total height is appr 40 meter. The walk takes 45 minutes.

After rainfall the Sankenbach wasserfall is very impressive but most of the time it is a normal low volume waterfall.

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About Sankenbach Wasserfall

LocationKniebis-Baiersbronn / Schwarzwald
Best visitAfter heavy rainfall

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