(Ryefossen, Jostedalenfoss)

The Ryfossen or Ryefossen or Jostedalenfoss is a waterfall in the Jostedalen, about 8 kilometer from Gaupne at the east side of the valley.

It is hard to miss Ryfossen coming from Gaupne. From far away you already see this majestic waterfall droping down in an (almost) single fall over 110 meter. Ryfossen has more drops and has a total height of appr. 350 meter.

The river Rydola is being fed by several small glaciers at the end of the Rydalen. Further up you will see one of the highest mountaintops of the area, the Fivlenosi with a height of 1.466 meter.

Best time to visit Ryfossen is late in the afternoon when the sun is lightning the long stretched water flumes. In early summer until midsummer time there is a lot of melted ice and snow in the river Rydola. The perfect period to visit Ryfossen.

It is also possible to hike into the Rydalen starting from the bridge, just outside Gaupne, when entering the Jostedalen. From the roadside there is a small road going right.

There are many waterfalls in the Jostedalen, but only four of them are well known. The most famous one is probably the Geisfossen, near Espe. Geisfossen is not particularly an impressive waterfall but has a distinguished shape with 3 separate streams. You can drive up to Espe to see the upper part of Geisfossen from the base.
At the end of the Jostedalen you will find the glacier Nigardsbreen where it still is possible to make a glacier walk. I visited Jostedalen twice, last time July 2017, late in the afternoon. Sun was shining and there was a really beautiful kind of light shining on the glacier lake.

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About Ryfossen

CountryWaterfalls in Norway
RegionSogn og Fjordane
Best visitSummer

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