Fettjeåfallet is one of the highest waterfalls in Sweden with a total height of 60 meters falling over two stages. Fettjeåfallet is located west of Klövsjö in the region Jämtland, Sweden.

From Klövsjö drive south on road 315 to the ski area of Klövsjö. Soon you already see the sign “Fettjeåfallet – 5 km”. Take the exit follow the road for 5 kilometer. Signs point to a parking (gps 62.539963, 14.136261).

From the parking there is a signed path, 2 kilometer long, that leads to Fettjeåfallet. With rainy weather the trail can be wet and muddy.

Fettjeåfallet is a popular walking destination in summer and winter. I think it also one of the better waterfalls to visit in Sweden and is quit impressive to see with a height of 60 meter..

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About Fettjeåfallet

CountryWaterfalls in Sweden
LocationKlövsjö/Fettjeån-Berg S-Vemdalen
Best visitSpring

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