(Flatkvålsfossen, Flatekvålfossen)

Flatkvålsfossen or Flatekvålfossen is one of the major waterfalls in the river Storelvi and thunders with great force over 12 meter down.

Flatkvålsfossen/Flatekvålfossen is located directly along the narrow road Fv344 near Eksingedal. There is a sign at the waterfall but parking directly near the waterfall is almost impossible. A little bit further downstream there is a small parking.

Early in the season when temperatures are rising and there is a lot of snow melting Flatkvålsfossen/Flatekvålfossen becomes a very powerful waterfall that is only 12 meter high but is appr 30-40 meter wide.

Earlier days there where three mills that used the power of the river. Later on, in 1939, a power station was built along the river Ekso.

There are may waterfalls/rapids in the river Storelvi/Ekso, a paradise for people who love waterfalls. Unfortunately it is still on my wishlist.

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About Flatkvalsfossen

CountryWaterfalls in Norway
RiverStorelvi, Ekso
Best visitLate spring, early summer

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