Fossen Bratte

(Brudesløret, Eikedalsfoss, Brattefossen)

Fossen Bratte, also called Brudesløret, Eikedalsfoss or Brattefossen is one of the big waterfalls near Bergen in the northwest of Norway on the way between Norheimsund and Bergen in the region Hordaland.

Although the Steinsdalsfossen is the main attraction in the Bergen region with busloads of people, I find Fossen Bratte maybe even more impressive. It is hard to imagine how big and powerful Fossen Bratte is, but if you take a look at the picture with somebody in the foreground you can feel the power.

Fossen Bratte means steep waterfall and that is a statement: The river Eikedalselva thunders down in a single drop over 79 meters (measured with a laser height meter).

Fossen Bratte , Brudesløret, Eikedalsfoss, BrattefossenFossen Bratte is located between Norheimsund-Bergen, directly along road Rv7. Just after the FossenBratte tunnel there is a sign for Fossen Bratte with enough space to park the car. The first view you will have is a little bit from above with a tremendous view on Fossen Bratte, the river Stuttabollselvi and the mountains aside with still snow on the tops.

From the parking lot you can walk towards the toilets where a path leads (in a few minutes) you to the base of Fossen Bratte. Another beautiful viewpoint where you photograph direction is towards the east, a little bit southeast. From the bottom of the waterfall you can follow the river a little bit to enjoy Fossen Bratte from another angel.

In 1951 a just married couple where on honeymoon when they crashed at the Fossen Bratte. At the bottom of the Fossen Bratte there is a memorial plaque set up.

Fossen Bratte , Brudesløret, Eikedalsfoss, BrattefossenFossen Bratte is a powerful waterfall best being visited in June-early July. I was at Fossen Bratte may 3th 2015, maybe a little bit early in the season but even then Fossen Bratte was very impressive. Best time to visit Fossen Bratt is from midday until late noon.

Note: Toll payment has te be done because the Steinsdalsfossen-Fossen Bratte-Orredalsfossen are along a Toll road Fv7 (bompenger).

Fossen Bratte isn’t far away (18 km) from the famous Steinsdalsfossen at Norheimsund and the unknown Orredalsfossen near Oystese.

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About Fossen Bratte

LocationTysse-Fröylands (Frøland)-Storlii-Eikedalen
Best visitEarly summmer-summer

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