Actually Fossjuvet is a gorge that means “waterfall gorge” and is not the name of one waterfall. As far as I can see there are 4 major waterfalls coming down. All waterfalls are unnamed but are realley worthwhile to visit.

Fossjuvet is located near Ovre Espedal in the Røssdalen/Indredalen in the region Rogaland (Ryfylke), Norway. It is a long and challenging hike (2-2,5 hours/5,7 kilometer one way) to get at the waterfall:
From Forsand, drive toward Espedalen and park (free) at the lodge run by Norsk Folkehjelp in Vinddalen. From the parking lot there is a well-marked path along the river Tverråna. From the forest the trail climbs steeply up into the mountains, passing numerous tarns. Fossjuvet falls will appear on your right hand.

It is also possible to approach Fossjuvet from Ovre Espedal towards the Røssdalen/Indredalen. I even think it is a little bit shorter.

Fossjuvet is a gorge carved by a gigantic waterfall that raged well over ten thousand years ago, when the ice cap that covered Western Norway melted. The melting ice and vast quantities of meltwater also deposited large sediments of sand and gravel.

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About Fossjuvet

CountryWaterfalls in Norway
LocationOvre Espedal-Røssdalen/Indredalen
Height150m +300m
Best visitEarly summer

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