(Furubergfossen, Furebergfossen)

Furebergsfossen, Sunndal, HordalandFurebergsfossen, also called Furubergfossen or Furebergfossen, is a waterfall in the river Furebergselva near Sunndal in the municipality Kvinnherad/Hordaland. The river Furebergselva is being fed by melted water from the glacier Folgefonna. The water drops down over a height of 150 meter but the visible part is only 98 meter high (measured with a laser height meter) . After a warm period or in the summer the capacity of the river expands and results in a very powerful Furebergsfossen.

My photo-lens wasn’t wide enough to get a descent photo of this extremely wide and powerful Furebergsfossen. With a wide of 70 meters I think its one of the widest waterfalls in Norway. Maybe the Aednafossen is a little bit wider; 100 meters.

Because the water directly falls into the Maurangsfjorden en the road lies directly at the fjord it is hard to find a good spot to view. Best place is on the bridge in front of the fall, but you will get wet. From the bridge you will photograph towards the east-southeast. In the morning you will look into the sun so the best time to visit Furebergsfossen is late in the afternoon or just before sundown when the light is perfect.

Another good spot to photograph is a few hundred meters further on to the west where you will have a great view from aside. Wit the trees in front of Furebergsfossen and on the left the Maurangerfjord a great view. From here you photograph towards the east.

Best time to visit Furebergsfossen is in June when the temperatures are rising and melted snow finds it way to the Maurangerfjord. The first pictures are from a visit years ago in June, the last pictures are taken May 3th 2015 which is way to early in the season. You can see the difference in volume of Furebergsfossen.

Furebergsfossen is located 6 kilometer west of Sundal/Kvinnherad along road 551 and is easy to access. We stayed at Sundal camping near the Bondhusdalen, just east of Furebergsfossen: a very nice camping with a gorgeous view.

Nearby is the beautiful Bondhusdalen where you can make a tremendous beautiful hike and enjoy  Kroksfossen and Brufossen. Going the other way towards Rosendal you will find the Muradalen with two other nice waterfalls: Hattebergsfossen and Ringeriksfossen.

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About Furebergsfossen

Best visitSummer, early summer

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