Glannifoss is a small waterfall in the West of Iceland. The river Norðurá cascades down over 8 meters over basalt rocks.

Glanni is not far away from the town Bifröst along road 1. There is a well signed turn to Glanni about 500 meters from Hotel Bifröst in Borgarfjörður. The road is called Glanni Paradis road and ends almost at the waterfall. From the car park there is a marked trail to get to the viewing point, which is elevated above the waterfall. There is also a coffee shop for refreshments and hot drinks, but this is only open to visitors during the summer months.

Glannifoss is believed by many local people to be the dwelling place of elves and trolls. However Glanni is more commonly known as the source of water flow for the Norðurá River, otherwise known as the ‘Queen of rivers’. The abundance of salmon and trout has given the river this name. At Glanni, visitors can get great views of the waterfall and surrounding landscapes. Although you cannot go as close to the edge because it is very close to the deepest part of the waterfall.

The waterfall is also located near an old formation of lava flow, at approximately 3600 years old, this is part of a diverse range of landscapes in the nearby area. This lava and the Glanni waterfall make a perfect day out, and there are lots of great spots for enjoying a picnic.

Not far from Glanni you will find another nice waterfall Laxfoss, 4 kilometers south of Glanni, also along road 1.

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About Glanni

LocationBorgarnes, Bifröst (Borgarfjarðarsýsla)
RiverNorðurá í Borgarfirði
Best visitSummer

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