Glencoe falls

(Allt Lairig Eilde Falls)

The Glencoe falls is an unofficial named waterfall in Scotland, along road A82 between Glencoe and Altnafeadh.

The waterfall is clearly visible from a popular parking place in a cutting of the A82. Two streams meet here and the waterfall is on a stream called the Allt Lairig Eilde which flows into the main River Coe at this point with a modest height of appr. 4-7 meters. Unfortunately the waterfall does not have an official name. On Internet often the waterfall is referred as Glencoe falls. After heavy rainfall the Glencoe falls becomes a roaring and violent waterfall with a great power.

It is also a common mistake to think this is “meeting of the three waters”, at least I did. “Meeting of the three waters” is located a little more west towards Glencoe.
It is situated in the floor of Glen Coe below the mouth of Coire Gabhail. As the name suggests it is a place where three different streams meet. Not very remarkable you might think, until you see the very straight courses that the streams take to their meeting place. There is also a parking nearby if you want to visit this remarkable place.

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About Glencoe falls

CountryWaterfalls in United Kingdom
Best visitAfter rainfall

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