Griessbach Wasserfall

(Hägerauer Wasserfall, Grießbach Wasserfall)

The Griessbach Wasserfall or Hägerauer Wasserfall is a nice waterfall at Hägerauer-Lech in the region Tirol, Austria.

The Griessbach Wasserfall (Hägerauer Wasserfall) is situated at the southside of the valley and can be reached by foot via a dirt road from Hägerau (Auer Jochweg) leading to Walchen. The walk takes about 30 minutes but the Griessbach wasserfall is already visible from a distance (from the main road).

The Griessbach Wasserfall (Hägerauer Wasserfall) plunges down, in a single drop, over 80 meters and ends finally in the river Lech. The Griessbach Wasserfall (Hägerauer Wasserfall) is fed by melted snow and rainwater that ends in the river Schreiterbach. The Schreiterbach rises in the area of the Lechtaler alps with the mountains: Gries Taler spitze, Zwölferkopf, Rotschrofenspitze and Hahnleskopf.

In wintertime the Griessbach Wasserfall (Hägerauer Wasserfall) is completely frozen and used for ice climbing. In earlier days the power of the water was used to generate electricity. At the foot of the waterfall a dilapidated shed is still visible.

Best time to visit the  Griessbach Wasserfall (Hägerauer Wasserfall) is later in the afternoon. When taking pictures you will mostly photograph towards the south. Best season to visit the  Griessbach Wasserfall (Hägerauer Wasserfall) is from late spring until early summer. In summertime the flow of the river Griessbach is very low.

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About Griessbach Wasserfall

Best visitLate spring-early summer

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