Gufufoss (Rauðabergsmúli)

Gufufoss is a waterfall in the south of Iceland in the river Djúpá with a height of appr. 5 meters. The river Djúpá can be found 30 kilometers east of kirkjubæjarklaustur along road 1.

The Djúpá River in the Fljótshverfi District originates in Síðujökull Glacier which descends from the south-west corner of Vatnajökull Glacier. Many beautiful waterfalls are found along this very powerful glacial river as it courses its way through the Djúpárdalur Valley, finally merging with the  clear, pure spring water that flows up through the rough lava. The largest waterfall in Djúpá River is called Bassi.

I am not sure where Gufufoss is exactly located.

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About Gufufoss (Rauðabergsmúli)

LocationRauðabergsmúli, Skaftafell (Fljótshverfi)
Best visitSummer

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