Schleierfall (Maltatal)

(Malta wasserfall)

The Maltatal in the region Kärnten, Austria, is well known for the many waterfalls that can be admired. The Schleierfall (Bridal veil) is one of them. The Schleierfall is located along the road 1,5 kilometer north of Koschach at the east side of the valley

Although the Schleierfall isn’t the highest or most beautiful waterfall in the Maltatal, it is a nice waterfall to see with a single drop of 40 meters.

Other nice waterfalls in the Maltatal are: FallbachfallHinterer MaralmfallMelnikfall and the Gossfalle.

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About Schleierfall (Maltatal)

CountryWaterfalls in Austria
Best visitMai-July

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WaterfallDistance (linear)Rating
Melnikfall 2 km
Gossfalle 2 km
Fallbachfall (Maltatal) 3 km
Hinterer Maralmfall 8 km
Zwillingsfall 10 km

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