Hirschbachtobel wasserfall

The Hirschbachtobel wasserfall is one of the tallest waterfalls in the region of Allgäu (Bayern) in Germany. I am not sure how tall but much more then the 60 meter I mentioned in my list, I think over 200 meter.

Hirschbachtobel wasserfallThe Hirschbachtobel wasserfall is located at the north side of the valley at Bad Hindeling. When driving east from the city centre you have to drive to the Schnitzelalm (gps 47.507623, 10.382050) where you can park the car. From here a trail starts to the Hirschbachtobel and further up the mountain. The trail runs paralel to the river Hirschbach ands ascends over 275 meter. I think this is a very challenging walk that takes 2-3 hours. It is also possible to start a little higher from Cafe Polite. There are two waterfalls at the Hirschbachtobel. First you will see a waterfall when crossing the Hirschabach and the bigger waterfall is further upstream.

When you don’t want to take such a long hike, you can also drive up road 308 to Oberjoch. You soon will see the Hirschbachtobel wasserfall in the distance. Drive further up to the parking of the trailhead to the Hirschalpe. From here you have to walk 5 minutes up the hill until you see the Hirschbachtobel wasserfall a little closer, still in the distance. They closed the old road to Bad Hindelang but if you cross the barbed wire you can see the waterfall again after 200 meter with a better view. I didn’t walked further, it was still forbidden….

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About Hirschbachtobel wasserfall

LocationBad Hindelang
Best visitSpring, after rainfall

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