Ingleton waterfalls

(Pecca falls, Hollybush Spout, Thornton force, Beezly spout....)

Ingleton waterfalls trail - Yorkshire Dales

The Ingleton waterfalls is a popular tourist attraction at Ingleton, south east of Kendall in the Yorkshire Dales national park, England (UK).

From Kendall take the M6 to the south and soon take the exit to Kirkby Lonsdale (road A65) and further to Ingleton. There is a big parking at the trailhead of the Ingleton waterfall trail. From the main road a big sign for the waterfalls when approaching Ingleton. Just follow the signs to the parking (gps 54.156925, -2.470823). You can park here for free.

But you have to pay admission for the Ingleton waterfall walk, £10.00 for an adult. The trail is open all year around during daytime. More information can be found on the official website

Opening hours in 2024 (check for the latest Corona update the official website):
March 1st – March 31st: 9am – 4pm
April 1st – August 31st: 9am – 7pm
September 1st – October 31st: 9am – 4pm
November 1st – February 28th/29th: 9am – 2.30pm

Ingleton waterfalls trail

The Ingleton waterfall trail is a walk along the rivers Doe and Twiss where you pass multiple majestic waterfalls. The Ingleton waterfalls is actually a collective noun for all waterfalls called: Pecca falls (30 m), Hollybush Spout, Thornton force (14 m), Beezley falls, Triple Spout, Rival falls (24 m), Baxenghyll Gorge and Snow falls.

First you walk along the river Twiss with 3 major waterfalls: Pecca falls, Hollybush Spout and Thornton force. After Thornton force you cross to the river Doe where you will find: Beezley falls, Triple Spout, Rival falls, Baxenghyll Gorge and Snow falls.

The most impressive waterfall is Thornton force where the river Twiss thunders down from a cliff of limestone over 14 meters.The trail is 8 kilometers long and will take about 2,5-4 hours. The walk is easy and the path is well signed. After heavy rainfall part of the path after Beezly falls can flow, but there is an alternative path (well signed).

When we visited the Ingleton waterfalls, July 31 – 2013, it rained much in summertime and all waterfalls where extremely powerful. I hate bad weather but it is good for the flow rate. During our walk it rained and at Thornton force it rained very hard, so taking pictures was very difficult. A little further (just before Beezley falls) there was an ice truck with several kind of beverages . A little further there are toilets and another poin where you can buy something to eat or drink. 

After one week chasing waterfalls in the UK I think the Ingleton waterfalls belongs to one of my favorites. I kept taking pictures of all the waterfalls, smaller drops and the the beautiful surrounding. Our visit took 3,5 hours, also because of all the time I spent taking pictures and footage.

Ingleton is a small village, east of Lancaster on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales and a visit might be nice. More detailed information of the hike you can find on the website of lifestyle to the max.

There several other nice waterfalls in the Yorkshire Dales. One of the better waterfalls is Hardraw Force near Hawes. For more information you can search on my “waterfalls of the UK map” or click here for waterfalls in the Yorkshire Dales.

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About Ingleton waterfalls

CountryWaterfalls in United Kingdom
LocationIngleton (Yorkshire Dales national park)
RiverDoe, Twiss
Best visitAutumn, after rainfall

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