JungfernsprungThe Jungfernsprung wasserfall or Zoppenitzenbachfall is the most spectacular waterfall in the region Kärnten. The Jungfernsprung wasserfall (Zoppenitzenbachfall) is located south of Heiligenblut along road 107 at the west side of the valley. But don’t worry, you can’t miss this amazing waterfall. When driving on road 107 you can see the Jungfernsprung wasserfall (Zoppenitzenbachfall) from far away.

The Jungfernsprung wasserfall (Zoppenitzenbachfall) is a beautiful waterfall that can be admired from a specially constructed wooden platform at the parking lot. From here you can make nice pictures (photographing towards the West). A better view you have on the other side of the road as you drive up a little bit. There is no official parking but there is hardly any traffic, so a short stop for the perfect picture of the Jungfernsprung wasserfall (Zoppenitzenbachfall) is allowed.

From the parking it is possible to hike up to the top of the Jungfernsprung wasserfall (Zoppenitzenbachfall). A nice hike (20-30 minutes) with terrific views when crossing the bridge over the Jungfernsprung wasserfall (Zoppenitzenbachfall).

The Jungfernsprung wasserfall (Zoppenitzenbachfall) drops down from the mountains in 3 stages over 130 meters. Early summer the Jungfernsprung wasserfall (Zoppenitzenbachfall) can be very powerful and is at that moment one of the best waterfalls to visit in Austria.

I visited the Jungfernsprung wasserfall (Zoppenitzenbachfall) years ago in May and in 2015 in August. The first pictures show a low volume and a little bit of snow. The last pictures are better but June must be the best month to visit the Jungfernsprung wasserfall (Zoppenitzenbachfall).

Best daytime to visit the Jungfernsprung wasserfall (Zoppenitzenbachfall) is in the morning with the sun in the back.

There is saga about the Jungfernsprung wasserfall (Zoppenitzenbachfall): A young girl (virgin) lived on the mountainside and was on the run from the devil. Suddenly she ended at a vertical rock wall. In desperation, she jumps off the cliff and is carried down by angels, surviving the fall unharmed. The name of the waterfall is derived from this saga: Jungfern and sprung. This means a young virgin woman that jumps.

Nearby, a little to the south, near Dollach you will find another beautiful waterfall, the Gartl wasserfall.

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