Kattarfoss was a nice small waterfall in the Northwest of Iceland on the peninsula Snæfellsnes. Due to a landslide the waterfall doesn’t exist anymore….

Old text:

The water of the river Hítará drops down over 7 meters. Maybe the waterfall isn’t so impressive but the colors of the water, rocks and the moss makes this waterfall suitable for a nice photo.

The Hítará-river is one of the country best-known salmon rivers with 2 nice waterfalls. Beside the Kattarfoss, also Brúarfoss is a waterfall worthwhile to visit.

Jeep road by the river to Kattarfoss ca. 6 km

Kattarfoss means ‘Waterfall of the Cat’. According to a folktale, a cat once fell down the waterfall. The cat did not drown, but managed to crawl into an opening in the rock behind the cascade. It is said to have emerged from a cave further inland and higher up in the valley of Hítardalur.

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About Kattarfoss

CountryWaterfalls in Iceland
LocationBorgarnes, Hítará (Snæfellsnes)
Best visitSummer

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