Kerlingarfoss (Suðurhraun)

Kerlingarfoss is a powerful waterfall in the Kerlingará glacier river, which originates at the glacier Kerlingarfjöll. The waterfall is about 50 meters high and has a fan shape with at the bottom a wide of 30-40 meters. In summertime the flood can be enormous.

Kerlingarfoss is a typical Icelandic waterfall in an environment of basalt blocks and moss.

When driving from Blonduos to Reykholt, over toad 35 (Kjalvegur) somewhere there must be (???) a dust road (only 4WD) to the hut Leppistungur. From there it is 1 hour walk to the waterfall, following the river Kerlingará upstream.

Over the course of thousands of years the water has been at work in the impressive mountain range of Kerlingarfjöll, situated in the middle of Iceland’s wilderness.  It has formed beautiful yet intimidating canyons and provided for the vegetation to add color and texture to the landscape.  Not stopping there, the geothermal water of the area has brought colorful minerals from deep down to complete the painting of a picture of immense beauty.  This picture sets the stage for the main actor, the water itself, presented in the form of bulging rivers and quiet creeks, the ghostly steam from the hot springs and particularly the beautiful waterfalls.

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About Kerlingarfoss (Suðurhraun)

LocationLeppistungur, Hrunamannahreppur, Suðurhraun (Central Iceland)
Best visitSummer

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