(Ármótafoss, Tangafoss)

Ármótafoss, also known as Armotafoss or Tangafoss, is a little bit a mystery. There isn’t much information available about Ármótafoss/Tangafoss. I can find some photo’s of the Tangafoss bit this is a waterfall in the river Bláfjallakvísl  falling into Kaldaklofskvísl.

Ármótafoss is a waterfall in the river Þjórsá situated in the south west of Iceland along road 26, near the crossing of road 32. When driving on road 1 in the south near Rangárþing ytra, take the exit road 26 and drive towards Sumarliðabæjarvegur for 62 kilometers. At the crossing with road 32 take the turn to the left (Þjórsárdalsvegur). After 2 kilometers you will cross the river Þjórsá. There is a trail at the south side of the river going to the fall (3,4 kilometers).

Along the longest river in Iceland, the river Þjórsá (Thjorsa), lies the Þjórsárdalur valley. In Þjórsárdalur you will find many of the finest waterfalls of Iceland and on a clear day you will have a view on the most famous volcano of Iceland, Hekla. There are about 20 ruins of farmhouses of the time of the big eruption of Hekla in the year 1104. A flourishing farming community lived in Þjórsárdalur after the settlement.

Nearby you will find Haifoss (122 m): one of the highest waterfalls in Iceland, Gjain: a small but really scenic waterfall or Hjálparfoss: famous because of the basalt rocks. We only visited Hjalparfoss because this one was easy to reach. We tried to drive to Gjain but with a small 2WD that was impossible to do. A shame because Gjain and Haifoss are in my top 10 of most beautiful waterfalls in Iceland.

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About Armotafoss

LocationÞjórsárdalur (Árnessýsla)
Best visitSummer

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WaterfallDistance (linear)Rating
Haifoss 14 km
Granni 14 km
Gjarfoss 20 km
Fossabrekkur 24 km
Tröllkonuhlaup 27 km