Kesselfall (Innertal)

The Kesselfall is a small waterfall in a gorge near the village of Innertal and Brand bei Bludenz in the region Vorarlberg, Austria.

The river Alvier falls down in a narrow gorge over appr. 15 meters and is named Kesselfall (in Brandnertal). The gorge itself is 40 meters high. The only view is from a wooden bridge in front of the bridge, eye-level on the top of the Kesselfall.

Best time to visit the Kesselfall is midday because of the light that then falls into the gorge. Best season is probably early summer-summer. The Kesselfall falls towards the east in a sharp curve in the river. The river Alvier flows to the north.

The Kesselfall can be reached from the parking lot in Innertal (40 minutes) but is situated near road L82. From there it is a short walk.

Kesselfall is a common name for a waterfall in Austria and is derives from the shape of the waterfall and how the water falls. Kessel meas boiler and was mostly round.

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About Kesselfall (Innertal)

Best visitEarly summer

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