The big surprise when driving on road 13 at Holsen: the Kjerringfossen. The Kjerringfossen is an unknown but official named waterfall with a worth mentioning waterflow. From the roadside you will have a good view.

When surveying the map the Kjerringfossen thunders down over 390 meters with steep parts and smaller cascades. When driving further over road 13 to the west you will see the enormous power of my favorite waterfall, the Huldefossen.

Førde and the surrounding of the Gaular river is called “the waterfall country”. The waterfall road is the stretch from Gaularfjell mountains and Haukedalen along the watercourse down through Viksdalen to Sande and Bygstad. Many of the waterfalls are situated near or next to the road and you are able to drive right up to 29 of these waterfalls. Not all of these 29 waterfalls are very spectacular but the number 1 waterfall is without a doubt the Huldefossen/Huldrefossen at Mo.

Other waterfalls worthwhile to visit are the Vallestadfoss, Eikjelandsfoss  and the Halbrendsfoss.

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About Kjerringfossen

RegionSogn og Fjordane

Most nearby waterfalls

WaterfallDistance (linear)Rating
Drivafossen (Holsen) 3 km
Vallestadfossen 10 km
Likholefossen 16 km
Huldefossen 19 km
Eikjelandsfossen 33 km