(Burg Klamm wasserfall, Klamm fall, Klammbach wasserfall)

The Klammerfall (or Burg Klamm wasserfall or Klamm fall or Klammbach wasserfall) is a nice waterfall near Fronhausen/Obsteig in the region Tirol, Austria.

The river Klammbach has to find its way through a narrow gap an drops down over 20 waters. because the Klammerfall/Burg Klamm wasserfall has to find its way through a narrow gap in the mountains the waterfall looks very spectacular.

The Klammerfall/Burg Klamm wasserfall is named after the river and a castle above the waterfall. The Klammerfall/Burg Klamm wasserfall can be reached from Fronhausen/Obsteig.

There is no official parking becuase the castle isn’t open for visitors. There is a small parking possibility along the road to Fronhausen (gps 47.300738, 10.953864). A trail leads to the castle and the Klammerfall/Burg Klamm wasserfall. Wooden signs point you in the right direction and after 10 minutes you will reach the Klammerfall/Burg Klamm wasserfall. Last part of the walk is steep down and can be slippery.

Best time to visit the Klammerfall/Burg Klamm wasserfall is in the early summer, (late) in the morning: The Klammerfall/Burg Klamm wasserfall falls towards the east.

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About Klammerfall

CountryWaterfalls in Austria
Best visitEarly summer

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