Tumpener wasserfall


The Tumpener wasserfall is an amazing waterfall at the beginning of the Oetztal near the small town Tumpen in the region Tirol, Austria. From the streetside you can already see the Tumpener wasserfall from a distance.

From the little village Tumpen it is a 15 minute walk until you reach a viewpoint from where you can see the lower part of the Tumpener wasserfall. It is also possible to drive up in Tumpen until (in  a curve) there is a unpaved road (not suitable for driving). If you park the car here it is a 5 minute walk to the lower part of the Tumpener wasserfall.

There is also a road going up to the top of the Tumpenbach, so maybe it also possible to have a good view on the upper parts of the Tumpener wasserfall. There are actually three major plunges in the river Tumpenbach. At the last picture you can see two major drops: the lower Tumpener wasserfall and a much bigger upper Tumpener wasserfall. In total the Tumpener wasserfall must be over 180 meters high.

The lower Tumpener wasserfall is 62 meters high (measured) and falls towards the east. Best time to visit the Tumpener wasserfall is in the morning from the early summer until summertime. The pictures you see are taken at the beginning of august (2015) when the summer was extremely hot with weeks of temperatures above 30C.

The Tumpener wasserfall is being fed by melted snow that flows into the Tumpenbach. The source of the Tumpenbach lies at the mountain Brechkogel with a height of almost 3.000 meters.

Other great waterfall in the Oetztal are: Stuibenfall, Lehnerfall and the Rotmoos wasserfall at Obergurgl.

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About Tumpener wasserfall

Best visitJune-July

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