Klapfbach wasserfall

The Klapfbach is an unknown waterfall near Unterstaller alm in the region Tirol, Austria.

From Lienz drive to Italy on road 100 and take the exit to Innervillgraten. Drive further until you reach Unterstaller alm, almost at the end of the valley. There is a parking (paid) almost in front of the Klapfbach wasserfall.

From the parking you can walk (10 minutes) to a platform with a good view on this nice waterfall. It is also possible to make a roundtrip, if you like walking: go back to the path and cross the river. Walk up and cross the river after the top of the waterfall. The path runs slightly down to the main road, where you have to walk back to the car parking.

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About Klapfbach wasserfall

CountryWaterfalls in Austria
LocationUnterstaller alm, Innervillgraten
Best visitEarly summer

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