(Kolufoss, Kolugljúfur)

Iceland has many beautiful and famous waterfalls. The Kolufossar is a lesser known, but a visit is well worth the effort. Kolufossar is a waterfall with a height of 8 meters in the river Víðiðalsá/Vididalsá.

On the south side of peninsula Vatsnes in Northern Iceland, you can take exit 715 from the ring road. At the T-spllitsing you drive then towards Vididalstunguheidi. Take the exit towards the farm Bakki and you will arrive at Kolufossar and the Kolugljúfer gorge, cut by the river Víðiðalsá/Vididalsá.

From the bridge you can see on one side of the waterfall and on the other side of the divide. The gorge is about 1 km long and 40-50 meters deep. According to a legend, the gap is created by the female troll Kola. The legend goes on to say that Kolugil the troll and its treasures are buried, and that the hill is protected by a spell from the troll.

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About Kolufossar

RegionNorðurland, Vestur-Húnavatnssýsla
LocationLaugarbakki - Blönduós- Kolugljúfur
Best visitSummer

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