Korab vodopad

(Proifel falls)

Korab vodopad is the highest waterfall in Macedonia with a single drop of 100 meter and is fed with melted snow from Korab mountain. Korab is the highest mountain in Macedonia with a height of 2.754 meter.

Korab vodopad is located on the border with Albania in national park Mavrova. Staring point of the walk is Nistrovo (Нистрово). From here you have to follow the river further into the valley. It looks like a long walk.

Best time to visit Korab vodopad is in springtime when the snow on Korab mountain starts melting.

There are several other waterfalls that can be admired in springtime. In summer they run dry.

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About Korab vodopad

CountryWaterfalls in North Macedonia
RegionNorth west
LocationNistrovo>Zuznje/Mount Korab
Best visitMay-June

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