Kvamfossen is a waterfall located at the end of the Oldevatnet (Oldedalen) at the hamlet Kvam in the region Sogn of Fjordane, Norway.

Kvamfossen is one of the many waterfalls on the Oldedalen but is an unofficial named waterfall. If you look at the pictures is should be an official waterfall. The river Sulkja thunders down in 4 steps over 240 meters, the biggest tier appr 70 meters.

When we were staying in the Oldedalen on camping Olden Camping (nice!) we were surprised by the many waterfalls in the Oldedalen. The Melkevollfossen is one of them and is a waterfall fed by the glacier Brikdalbreen. With warm weather, in the summer, the Melkevollfossen will reach its maximum flow.

In the Oldedalen there are several other interesting (official named) waterfalls. The most beautiful are the Kleivafossen and the Volefossen at the end of the Valley where used to be a large glacier ending, the Briksdalbreen. But since 2000 the glacier retreated to much (over 200 meters) to do glacier walkings on the ice. The Briksdalbreen doesn’t reach the glacierlake in front anymore.

The glacier is still responsible for a very nice and astonishing surrounding and even more beautiful (un)named waterfalls.

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About Kvamfossen

CountryWaterfalls in Norway
RegionSogn og Fjordane
Best visitEarly summer

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