Kvitingfossen is the unofficial name I gave this waterfall situated in the river Kvitingen along road 45. After some research I discovered several pictures of a medium powerful waterfall that is visible almost all year.

Kvitingfossen is located northeast of Byrkjedal in the Hunnedalen, Vest Agder, Norway. From Byrkjedal it is a 23 kilometer drive before you see the lake at the left hand and the waterfall Kvitingfossen at the end.

Kvitingfossen is fed by a system of river and lakes going up to a 1.090 meters. Especially after a warm period early in the summer or after heavy rainfall the Kvitingfossen is on its best. Kvitingfossen can be viewed from a parking along the lake/road 45.

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About Kvitingfossen

CountryWaterfalls in Norway
RegionVest Agder
Best visitEarly summer

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