Cascata della Froda

(Cascata di Sonogno, La Froda)

Cascata della Froda (or cascata di Sonogno) is a nice waterfall near the village Sonogno (Valle Verzasca) in the region Ticino, Switzerland.

From Locarno drive to the end of Valle Verzasca (26 km) to Sonogno. Cars are prohibited in the village so you have to park the car at the big parking before entering Sonogno (gps 46.350091, 8.788759).

It is only a 20 minute walk (1,3 km) walking southwest to the church and walk further to the riverbank. Go right at the riverbank. Soon you will arrive at Cascata della Froda (cascata di Sonogno).

Walking towards the base of the waterfall and the pond in front of Cascata della Froda (cascata di Sonogno), you will have a great view with beautiful colors.

The river “Riale Carded” drops down over 70 meter and late spring/early summer (or after a rainy period) this is one of the more beautiful waterfall in the region of Ticino. In summertime the flow in the river can be minimal.

I really don’t know why I missed so many beautiful waterfalls when visiting Ticino years ago. This one is a must to visit next time going to Switzerland.

In the valley next door, Valle Maggia and Valle Bavona there are several other beautiful waterfalls. The one I like most is Cascata di Foroglio not far from Bignasco.

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About Cascata della Froda

CountryWaterfalls in Switzerland
LocationSonogno, Valle Verzasca
RiverRiale Carded
Best visitEarly summer

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