Langetaler wasserfall

(Langentalbach wasserfall)

The Langetaler wasserfall is an unknown waterfall just for the more famous Grawafall in the Stubaital, region Tirol, Austria.

From Innsbruck drive south to the Brennerpass on road A13. Take the exit to the Stubaital (you have to pay toll (euro 3) when entering the Stubaital). After 40 kilometer, after Ranalt, you are close to the Langetaler wasserfall. Park your car at the big parking (for the Ruetz katarakt) along the road (gps 47.025416, 11.219325).

From the parking walk back to the road and take the path at the other side of the road (paralel to the river Langentalbach). After 5 to 10 minutes you should reach the viewpoint on the Langetaler wasserfall.

Early in the season the waterfall can get quite powerful but is not that high as the Grawafall, a little further in the valley, but still very nice to see and easy to reach.

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About Langetaler wasserfall

LocationVolderau, Stubaital
Best visitLate spring, early summer

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