Langfoss – biggest waterfall in Norway

It is almost impossible to miss Langfoss when driving at the Åkrafjord. Road E134 runs along the base of the beautiful Langfoss. According to several sources on the Internet Langfoss is the fifth largest waterfall in Norway and is located at the end of Åkrafjord.

Langfoss is one of the best waterfalls in Norway to visit. With a total drop of 612 meters in the river Tjørna its is one of the largest waterfalls in Norway.  Besides its height the waterfall also has a significant volume. Especially early in the summer the volume of Langfoss increases. The waterfall is fed by the water of several lakes like the Vaulo on an Altitudes over a  1.000 meters.

Langfoss – most beautiful waterfall in the world?

According to an article of CNN the Langfoss belongs to the top 10 most beautiful waterfalls in the world:
Instead of falling in a straight drop like most waterfalls, Langfoss slips down a cliff, maintaining contact with the rocks the entire way down. Langfoss isn’t the biggest waterfall in Norway, but its combined height (612 meters) and width (62 meter) are an impressive combination. The mountainside in the background turns bright green with new vegetation in the summer, providing a striking contrast to the whitewater of the falls and the charcoal-gray rocky outcroppings. It’s one of the few waterfalls in Norway that hasn’t been tapped for hydroelectric power and is still in its natural state. The Langfoss Waterfall Fjord Cruise travels past tiny farms and rugged mountains on its way to the gusher.

Langfoss is a beautiful waterfall you don’t have to miss but I can’t imagine Langfoss is in the top 10 of the most beautiful waterfall in the world??? I can come up with several other waterfalls in Norway that impresses me more, maybe not that high as Langfoss, but height isn’t everything.

Langfoss hike

Langfoss, Etne Hordaland, NorwayThere is an easy-to-climb footpath all the way to the top of the Langfoss, where the views are magnificent. The path up along Langfoss was originally the old mountain road from the Eljarvik farm to Langfoss støl (mountain farm), located on the plateau above the waterfall. There is a lot of great stonework along the trail. Earlier gene rations have struggled up and down with livestock and heavy loads of butter and cheese from the mountain farm. The first part of the walk is steep up through the pine forest. Some places, and especially when You get above the timberline, there are wonderful view points. You look down at the Eljarvik farm and beyond the Åkrafjord. To the north You see Mosnes and into the valley that forms the southern end of Folgefonna National Park. The Folgefonna glacier is towering in the background, which is the highest point in the municipality of Etne. The walk to the top of the Langfoss takes about 1,5 hours and you have to ascend 640 meters. But the view should be magnificent.

Langfoss – route description

Langfoss is located at the Åkrafjord in the region Hordaland, where road E134 runs along the base of the waterfall. From the crossing of road 13>134 it takes 23 kilometer driving to the west. You can’t miss it.

There is a parking lot in front of the waterfall with a little kiosk where you can buy some touristic stuff. From there you can walk under the road to the base of the waterfall. If you are not in a hurry you also can take a boat trip over the Akrafjorden. A scaffold is right in front of the waterfall.

Langfoss – my travels

Langfoss, Etne, Hordaland, NorwayI was years ago in June at the Langfoss and the flow of the river Tjørna was much more powerful then in May 2015. The beginning of Springtime 2015 was cold and snow was melting slowly. Nevertheless the pictures I took were impressive. There are several viewpoint from where you can take pictures: from the parking lot (photographing towards the south) or from the houses near Langfoss, my favorite position (photographing towards the southwest). I was to early in the morning (May 2015)  at Langfoss, but the colors and the light were perfect, maybe one hour later was better for the pictures.

You can register your car for Toll payment in Norway. A lot of roads in Norway are Tollroads, so is Langfoss: a few kilometers in the direction of Skare there is a Toll point (bompenger) on road E134. More info can be found on the website of Autopass.

In the area of Langfoss there are several nice waterfalls like Latefossen, Espelandsfoss, Vidfoss and Sagfossen. Actually to many to mention them all. This region is my all time favorite.

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