Sagfossen or Sagfossen is an unofficial name for a waterfall in the river Sagelva/Finnabuelva at the east side of the Saudafjorden, near Sauda/Rogaland. The river Sagelva cascades down over a height of 175 meters (maybe more) in several steps. From Sauda or the west side of the fjord near Sauda, you will have a good view on the fall.

Upstream, near Tjelmen you will find several other unnamed waterfalls, but worthwhile to visit. The Krugdalsfossen is an astonishing waterfall in the river Sagelva near Sauda.  The waterfall is most of the time very powerful and is about 25 meters high.

From Sauda there is a trail heading to Tjelmen. The trail starts where also road 719 starts in Sauda. From Tjelmen is a short walk to the Krugdalsfossen. Another option is to take road 719 and take the turn to Tjelmen (Tjelmenroad).

Other waterfall nearby (at the Saudafjorden) are: the Hangandvikfossen or Brudeslöret, Svandalsfossen or the Fossdalsfossen.

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About Safossen

Best visitEarly summer

Most nearby waterfalls

WaterfallDistance (linear)Rating
Hollandsfossen 2 km
Krugdalsfossen 4 km
Maldalsfossen 5 km
Svandalsfossen 8 km
Honganvikfossen 10 km