Liechtensteinklamm wasserfall

Liechtensteinklamm wasserfallThe Liechtensteinklamm wasserfall is located in a narrow gorge with with several smaller waterfalls and a thunderous single drop waterfall at the end, the Liechtensteinklamm wasserfall. The Liechtensteinklamm is located south of the town St Johan im Pongau in the region Salzburg, Austria.

From highway A10 you have to take the exit at Bischofshofen and then drive to St Johan im Pongau over road 311. From here you can follow the signs for the Liechtensteinklamm. The route is very well signed and you can drive up to P1 (even when it is crowded). If there is no place you easily can drive back to P2 or P3.

When we visited the Liechtensteinklamm wasserfall for the first time August 2020 there was a queue for the entrance (15 minutes). You have to pay admission, €10 for adults, but the parking is free. If you need more information about the Liechtensteinklamm go the main site of St Johan im Pongau.

Liechtensteinklamm wasserfallThe spectacle already begins when entering the gorge. The river Grossarlbach tries to squeeze itself through a narrow gorge. The further you walk the better it gets. There is a design rusty iron  stairs that brings you to the best part of the gorge: nice rock walls, tunnels and some powerful small waterfalls down in the gorge. The highlight of the 45 minute walk to the end of the gorge is of course the Liechtensteinklamm wasserfall itself.

The Liechtensteinklamm wasserfall is thundering down with great power with a single drop of 49 meters. When noon-time sunlight cuts a path through steep rocky walls and is momentarily captured by the fine, dust-like spray of the falls, visitors to the Liechtenstein Gorge are treated to a rare and beautiful rainbow of colors. When we visited the Liechtensteinklamm wasserfall, almost at noon, the sun was just standing above the waterfall, not very convenient for taking pictures. But I had a rainbow at the smaller waterfall, a hundred meters downstream.

Liechtensteinklamm wasserfallAbout the walk:
A well-constructed footpath of about 1km in length winds its way through the Liechtenstein Gorge, leading you over sturdy bridges to a magnificent waterfall. Toward the back of the gorge there are stairs to negotiate making the path unsuitable for buggies and wheel chairs. Your hike through the Liechtenstein Gorge will take about one and a half hours (roundtrip). The way there is also the way back – the path does not form a loop.

The Liechtenstein Gorge is great for family outings; it has sturdy paths and bridges that are safe in any weather. Good boots and warm clothes are recommended depending on the temperature.

Over many thousands of years, thunderous, driving cascades of falling water have carved into solid rock leaving the deep narrow chasm known now as the Liechtenstein Gorge. The rock faces rising up on either side are so constricted in places that the sky is visible only as a narrow cut above one’s head.

There are very beautiful other waterfalls in the Salzburg region, but the Liechtensteinklamm wasserfall is together with the Gollinger wasserfall my all time favorite in the Salzburg region. Although…I also was surprised by the Waldbachstrub wasserfall near Hallstatt(actually it are three waterfalls joining each other).

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About Liechtensteinklamm wasserfall

CountryWaterfalls in Austria
LocationAlpendorf, St Johan im Pongau
Best visitLate spring, summer

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