Lillafüredi vízesés

(Lillafured waterfall, Szinva waterfall)

The Lillafüredi vízesés (also called Lillafured waterfall or Szinva waterfall) is a 20 meter high waterfall near Miskolc in Hungary.

From Miskolc drive west to Diósgyőr and Felsőhámor. Drive further to the Hunguest Hotel Palota, a beautiful hotel close to Lillafüredi vízesés. From the parking it is a short walk to the Lillafüredi vízesés and the beautiful Anna mésztufabarlang (Anna cave)

With a height of 20 meter Lillafüredi vízesés is one of the highest single drop waterfalls in Hungary.

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About Lillafüredi vízesés

CountryWaterfalls in Hungary
LocationMiskolc-Lillafüred (Bükk Mountains)
Best visitAfter rainy period

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