(Liingafossen, Kveåfossen)

Lingafossen (also named as the Liingafossen or lately also the Kveåfossen) is a low volume waterfall in Skjolden, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway. Normally I wouldn’t consider it to ad this waterfall to my database.

Nevertheless, when standing in front of the waterfall they are that impressive anymore. I think I was totally impresses by the surrounding and the total picture of the area, seen from the campsite.

Years ago we were heading to the Lusterfjord because of the many major waterfalls in that area. The weather was good, so we decided to set up our tent at the camp site in Skjolden (nice camping). To our big surprise we saw two huge waterfalls coming down from the mountains at the Eidsvatnet. These were certainly unknown waterfalls. One of them was Lingafossen and looked quit impressive from a distance.

Lingafossen has a single drop of 375 meters and is fed by the river Kveia or Liingaelvi, which origin lies at the Nobbafjelli on a height of 1508 meters. Lingafossen itself has a total height of about 575 meters.

When driving on road 55, just outside Skjolden, you will pass by Lingafossen. It is possible to stop at the base of the waterfall, but because of its great hight you will have a better view from the camp site. Another great view is from road 55 heading east to Fortun.

Other waterfalls close by are Fureasfossen/Brekkefossen (also a good view from the camp site in Skjolden), Krekafossen/Drivandefossen, Feigefossen and Mørdolefossen.

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About Lingafossen

RegionSogn og Fjordane
Best visitSummer

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