The Ludwigfall (or Ludwig wasserfall) is a waterfall 9 kilometers south of Lunz am See in the region Niederösterreich. Driving on road 25 go south at Lunz am See along the Lunzer See towards the Mittersee/Obersee. At the end of the Lunzer See the road is closed for cars (?) and you have to hike the last 6 kilometers (90-120 minutes). The Ludwigfall is situated between the Mittersee and the Obersee.

The Ludwigfall is supplied with the water of the upper lake and is 60 meters, an impressive appearance. The Seebach river flows further into the Mittersee, and from there down to the valley into the Lunzer See.

Best time to visit the Ludwigfall is from late spring until the early summer. In summertime the flow in the Ludwigfall reduces very much. The Ludwigfall falls towards the west in a narrow gap in the mountains. Best time to visit the Ludwigfall is later in the afternoon.

If the Ludwigfall has reached its maximum power, it produce sounds similar to the roar of a bull. The Ludwigfall is named after Ludwig of Austria, a duke, general and politician out of the 19th century.

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About Ludwigfall

CountryWaterfalls in Austria
LocationLunz am See
Best visitLate spring-Early summer

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