Lussbach wasserfall

The Lussbach wasserfall is a waterfall with a height of appr. 15 meters west of Plangeross/Pitztal in the region Tirol, Austria. A trail leads from Langeross to the Lussbach wasserfall. I think the walk takes about 20 minutes.

The Lussbach is being fed with melted snow and melting water from several glaciers on an altitude of 3.000-3.500 meters. Although the lower Lussbach wasserfall is only 10-15 meters high with a total of appr 180 meters, looking at the upper part of the river Lussbach you will see that it cascades there also over 200 meters.

Best time to visit the Lussbach wasserfall is in the morning because the Lussbach wasserfall falls towards the east. Because the waterfall is being fed by a glacier, the best season to visit the Lussbach wasserfall is in the summer.


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