Bichler wasserfall


The Bichler wasserfall or Bichlbachfall is a nice waterfall near the small village Bichl and St Leonard im Pitztal in the region Tirol, Austria. On the east side of the mountains the river Bichlbach falls down in three stages over 51 meters (measured). The upper part of the Bichler wasserfall drops down over 30 meters, the middle part over 5 meters and the lower Bichler wasserfall drops down over 16 meters.

The Bichlbachfall is easy to access from Bichl. When driving towards the waterfall (on the highest point of the road) there is a fence where trail starts to the base of the waterfall. Parking the car is a little bit difficult and maybe it is better to start the walk from Bichl.

From the fence there are signs pointing you out to the trail, but you can’t miss. In 15 minutes time you will have a good view on the Bichler wasserfall. When crossing the river (at the waterfall) there is an almost invisible path going to a wooden platform where you have a nice view on the upper part of the Bichler wasserfall.

The Bichler wasserfall falls towards the south-southwest and in the afternoon the first sun rays reaches the small canyon where the Bichler wasserfall is located.. The river Bichlbach is fed by melted snow from the mountain Rotpleiskopf. Best season to visit the Bichler wasserfall is the early summer, but in summertime there is still a respectable amount of water going through the Bichler wasserfall.

All pictures are taken august 2015, the warmest summer ever with weeks of temperatures above 30C.

Other great waterfalls in the Pitztal are: Stuibenfall at Jerzens, Pfitschebach wasserfall, Klockelebach wasserfall or the Pitze wasserfall at the end of the Pitztal.

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About Bichler wasserfall

LocationBichl-St Leonhard-Pitztal
Best visitEarly summer-summer

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Klockelebach wasserfall 5 km
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