Menzenschwander Wasserfälle

The Menzenschwander wasserfälle is a strange kind of waterfall in a small gorge near the small village of Menzenschwand in the region Baden-Württemburg, Germany.

From Freiburg im Brisgau take road 31 to the Schluchsee and further on to Menzenschwand. In Menzenschwand (and on the main road) there are already sign for the waterfall. A small road leads to to restaurant “zum Kuckuck”.

There is is a big parking lot 1 kilometer before the restaurant, but there is also a parking at the restaurant for all visitors. The small gorge with the waterfalls are located behind the restaurant.

Earlier I said “a strange kind of waterfall” and I have to explain. A small stream cascades down in the gorge but a small stream of water falls down of a cliff and ends in the stream. I think the brook is diverted to create this strange kind of nature wonder. The drop is only 3-4 meters high but it intrigues me. The descent of the stream is approx 15 meter.

Menzenschwander wasserfälle, Menzenschwand, Schwarzwald, GermanyI made a lot of picture because I liked the surrounding and the view on the Menzenschwander Wasserfälle. The roundtrip at the Menzenschwander Wasserfälle only takes 10 minutes (from teh parking) but there are several kind of trails you walk in the area. On certain days from May to Oktober,  the waterfalls are illuminated from 20.30-22.30h.

During my three day visit of the Schwarzwald, april 2107, I visited 4 other waterfalls; Triberger wasserfälle, Burgbach wasserfall, Todtnauer wasserfälle and the Allerheiligen wasserfälle. My favorite one is the least touristic one, the Burgbach wasserfall. What I like most about this waterfall, besides the shape, is the darkness of the forrest. This creates a certain kind of feeling and a perfect setting for photo’s with great contrasts.

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About Menzenschwander Wasserfälle

LocationMenzenschwand, Schluchsee
RiverMenzenschwander alb
Best visitEarly spring, after rainy period

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