(Bergárfoss, Migandifoss)

Mígindisfoss or Bergárfoss is a waterfall in the north of Iceland, 7 kilometer east of Ólafsfjorður along road 82 (Ólafsfjarðarvegur). Melting water from Kerahnjukur/Kistifjall falls down over a cliff and ends directly 80 meters below in the Eyjafjörður/Atlantic Ocean.

Mígindisfoss isn’t an official named waterfall and can’t be found on a map although there are several photo’s to be found with the name Migandifoss. Probably there is only in the early summer/summer enough melting water to see the waterfall or after heavy rainfall. That can be the reason why it isn’t mentioned on a map. Also there isn’t a named watercourse.

From Ólafsfjorður is is a short drive over 7 kilometer to the east along road 82. For a good view from aside you have to drive a little bit further or rent a canoe! It’s not well signposted, (at all) and there’s no real good places to park, but you can find a couple of pullouts, to have a bit of a look at it.

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About Mígindisfoss

RegionNorðurland eystra
Best visitEarly summer

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