Mongefossen should be one of the tallest waterfalls in Norway and is located in the Romsdalen (Rauma) near Marstein, 21 km south of Åndalsnes in the region More og Romsdal.

MongefossenMongefossen is listed as one of the highest waterfalls in the world with a height of 774 meters. Unfortunately Mongefossen is a regulated waterfall and the amount of water in the river Mongeelva is highly reduced or even zero. First time I visited the Romsdalen was years ago in May when the rain kept falling and still Mongefossen was hard to see. I am even not sure the picture is Mongefossen… Second time, July 2017, I couldn’t discover any waterfall where Mongefossen should be.

Mongefossen is fed by the Mongevatnet on an altitude of 913 meters and once was a very impressive waterfall until in 1975 Grytten power plant diverted (almost) all the water from Mongevatnet and so Mongeelva dried out. Sometimes (after a period of heavy rainfall) there is to much water in the system. In that case water is released and Mongefossen is visible. In 2018 Mongefossen was flowing two times.

Fortunately there are many other big waterfalls in the Romsdalen (Rauma) when driving from Andalsnes to Dombas (road E136)
Olmaafossen (1th waterfall on the right, one of the highest waterfall in the world)
Mongefossen (2nd waterfall at the left side, but is regulated and probably not visible)
Rangaafossen (3th waterfall at the left side, but is regulated and probably not visible)
Brurasløret,(4th waterfall at the left side, nice to see together with Gravdefossen)
Gravdefossen (5th waterfall at the left side and the most impressive waterfall)
 (6th waterfall at the right side, beautiful with river in foreground)
Skokagrovafossen (7th waterfall at the left side, nice if you are standing near the waterfall)
Vermafossen.(8th waterfall at the right side, much bigger then it looks like)
Kylingbruafossen (9th waterfall(s) at the right side, close to Kyling bridge, unnamed but beautiful)
Slettafossen (10th waterfall at the right side, extremely powerful waterfall in the river Rauma)
Then there are still dozens of low volume waterfall not considered as a waterfall.

MardalsfossenNot far from Romsdalen (Rauma) you can also drive into the Eikesdalen with the enormous Mardalsfossen. A tourist attraction, but the waterfalls are very impressive to see and the walk to the base of Mardalsfossen is very pleasant. Anyway Eikesdalen is a valley with many big waterfalls and is a visit worthwhile. There is a nice campingsite in Eikesdal, a perfect base to explore the area.


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About Mongefossen

RegionMøre og Romsdal
Best visitRegulated waterfall

Most nearby waterfalls

WaterfallDistance (linear)Rating
Rangaafossen 8 km
Olmaafossen 8 km
Saufonnfossen 9 km
Gluterfossen 12 km
Døntefossen 13 km